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Van Dog

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domingo, 20 de junho de 2010

Amazing Fox!

Amazing archaeological discovery! In Turkey, German archeologists found what looks like a "sanctuary", the first sanctuary built by men, thousands years before Stonehenge or Newgrange... It was built 11.500 years ago and it is known by the weird name of Göbekli Tepe (it means "Hill with a potbelly"). It's amazing because it was established by hunter-gatherers, nomadic people, before the advent of sedentarism, long before the first cities.
And you can predict by the following image that they like foxes.
It is really an old fox! :)

To know more about the subject click HERE (Smithsonian mag) or in Wikepedia.

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Oriental Studies/Estudos Orientais

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Van Dog

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I'm thrilled because this blog received the Charm Prize. Thanks to the blog Through the Window.
An now the prize goes to:

Azul Porcelana
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and last, but not the least:
Through the Window

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Van Dog

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St. George's Island in Macedonia (Republica of Macedonia). As you can see, this beautiful island is the real motive of the painting "Isle of the Dead" from Arnold Böcklin. See my last post on Böcklin (May 31th)

An Idea...

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"There is a realm, where there is neither the solid (earth), nor the fluid (water), neither heat (fire), nor motion (wind), neither this world, nor any other world, neither sun, nor moon. This I call neither arising, nor passing away, neither standing still nor being born, nor dying. There is neither foothold, nor development, nor any basis. This is the end of suffering.
There is an Unborn, Unoriginated, Uncreated, Unformed. If there were not this Unborn, this Unoriginated, this Uncreated, this Unformed, escape from the world of the born, the originated, the created, the formed, would not be possible.
But since there is an Unborn, Unoriginated, Uncreated, Unformed, therefore is escape possible from the world of the born, the
originated, the created, the formed."
The Buddha (Udana)

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The Power of our Imagination

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The German painter Stephan Lochner (1440-1451) never had seen a lion in his life. But as a mediaeval painter (school of Cologne, gothic art) he was familiar with the topic, Saint Jerome and the Lion. So he decided to paint one with his own imagination... This story is narrated by Tom Regan to exemplify the difference between our knowledge of animals in the past and in the present. And how this knowledge matters...

Van Dog

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