terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2004

Não existem factos, apenas interpretações

"Não existem factos, apenas interpretações" (Nietzsche). O Deutsche Welle apresenta uma versão bem diferente daquela que nos foi dada pela crítica americana sobre o Parsifal de Schlingensief. Cito o DW, na edição inglesa, que não esquece o nosso ex-primeiro..."Christoph Schlingensief had prepared for the worst.Prior to Sunday's performance, the enfant terrible among Germany's theater directors had talked about plans to hide after Sunday to escape the wrath of his critics. Schlingensief had expected the opening night to end in scandal after the lead tenor had called the production an abomination in a radio interview and festival director Wolfgang Wagner had asked that the use of a video depicting a decaying rabbit be toned down. But the closest Schlingensief got to a scandal was a round of heavy booing as the director appeared on stage for a curtain call. At the official reception that followed the festival's opening in the northern Bavarian town of Bayreuth, the director and his team were cheered and welcomed with fanfares.Wolfgang Wagner, the grandson of Richard Wagner, talked about a "successful performance.""A very courageous staging"Even Bavaria's conservative political leaders were full of praise. While admitting that he needed some time to get his head around what he'd seen, Bavarian Premier Edmund Stoiber seemed pleased with Schlingensief's work."This is not a scandal, but a very, very courageous staging," who had brought along Jose Barroso,  the former Portuguese premier who will take over as European Commission president in November. Schlingensief himself told reporters that he had not hoped for a scandal."We're relieved and very proud," he said. "We fought a lot and it's been worth it. We wanted to show Bayreuth unusual images and we've accomplished that."

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